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Vocal Percussion 2 Sample Pack

by Sonshayne Sounds



Sonshanye Sounds is pleased to announce the launch of it's new 'Vocal Percussion 2' sample drumkit containing a super-large and complete drumset made only by human voice (with additional voice fx and voice hooks).

Together with the complete drumkit there are also vocal hooks, vocal breaks, vocal fx and a very large amount of vocal expressions provided.

This kit is very useful for all accapella bands and world music producers, but also for pop, dancefloor and computer pop producers that love vocal expressions in their productions.

If you ever wanted a tool to add groovyness to your music,
than here it is !


After the huge succes of the first volume we decided to go further
in regards of the usability and diversity of the sounds provided.

We also enhanced the sound quality by working very slowly on this library, using more than 2 months for it's complete production and finalisation.

Every sample is perfectly cutted and mastered in 24 Bit, noise-free with a natural sounding decay rolloff ensuring high-quality sound (important notably in conjunction with reverb).

We reached this aim in combining real outboard hardware like hq microphones, preamplifiers, mixers, equalisation together with the digital cut of the best software wave editors.

One aim of this production was the reproduction of almost natural and real sounding drums.

A large amount of time was needed for the audition of real drums and the multiple recordings for their reproduction.

This kit is very consistent in itself, because we worked hard on the cross-referencing of the sounds.

Library content:

Ah 01-05
Ba 01-07
Bam 01-04
Bang 01-08
Be 01-02
Bip 01-02
Bomm 01-02
Bong 01-03
Bongo 01-02
Boom 01-02
Bop 01-02
Bumm 01-02
Bup 01-02
Clap 01-07
Clear Throat 01-02
Come On 01-04
Crash 01-03
Da 01-03
Dam 01-02
Damm 01-02
Dash 01-02
Dem 01-02
Deng 01-02
Dengle 01-02
Di-Be 01-02
Dimm 01-06
Dink 01-02
Dish 01-08
Diss 01-04
Dong 01-02
Donk 01-02
Dosh 01-02
Dsh 01-03
Dum 01-02
Dunk 01-02
Dusch 01-02
Hah 01-05
Heh 01-03
Hihat 01-12
Ho 01-03
Huah 01-02
Huargh 01-08
Huh 01-04
Kem 01-03
Kesch 01-02
Kick 01-08
Kisch 01-02
Kusch 01-02
Lol 01-06
Metal Shaker 01-05
Oh 01-02
Okay 01-02
Pam 01-03
Peng 01-03
Ping 01-02
Pistol 01-02
Pom 01-05
Pum 01-04
Pung 01-04
Rainstick 01-03
Ride 01-02
Rimshot 01-07
Scratch 01-06
Shaker 01-08
Snare 01-08
Tambourine 01-06
Tom 01 A-D
Tom 02 A-E
What's your style ? 01-05
Wosch 01-03
Wusch 01-03
Ya 01-02
Yeah 01-12
Zak 01-03
Zek 01-02
Zep 01-03
Zip 01-03
Zok 01-02
Zonk 01-03
Zoom 01-02
Zuk 01-02
Zumm 01-03


• Vocal drumkit with 300 vocal percussions, voice hooks, voice breaks, voice expressions, voice effects and additional tools

• Recorded completely in 24 Bit 44.1 kHz Stereo
(16 Bit format also provided)

• High-class outboard hardware used (preamplified microphones, hq mixers + equalizers and much more)

• All samples perfectly cutted, mastered, noise-free and with natural sounding decay

• Dry samples (no reverb)

• 300 sounds library


• WAV 24 Bit

• WAV 16 Bit



released April 19, 2016


all rights reserved



Sonshayne Sounds Germany

After purchase, you can instantly download a zip containing the download link(s) of your sample kit(s).

Our fast server provides quick downloading.

We are a sample company from germany.

Our aim are good sounds at low prices.

Before located at producerloops, we offer now our sounds 24 / 7 at bandcamp.
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